So now that you’ve seen a bit of what our community is about, we would invite you to come and check it out first-hand.

  • Yes, we are a regional service centre – for more than 9,000 people, providing a full-range of services for area residents.
  • Yes, we are a regional tourism destination – with our lake, beach, campground, cabin area and golf course and our population doubling in the summer months.
  • Yes, we are an agricultural community – a community that is linked to and supported by the land.
  • Yes, we are a healthy community – a community committed to supporting and creating healthy-living, healthy lifestyles and a variety of recreation and leisure opportunities for all.

The Town of Minnedosa and its neighbouring and partnering municipalities of Minto-Odanah and Oakview invite you to come Discover “Manitoba’s Valley Paradise.” But there is something you don’t know about Minnedosa and area. To those of us that choose to make the Minnedosa area our home, it is likely the most significant – it is the people.

When you come to check us out, what you will see is a community of 4,500 people working together in both work and play. People that are warm, friendly, inviting, and accepting; people to learn from, and play with. We all have something in common in our community – we have chosen to be here. Some of us were born here and chose to never leave. Others left and chose to come back. Others of us have come, worked or visited here and then chosen to stay.
There is something special about our community.

Some say it’s the valley, its picturesque setting, the valley and hills, the Little Saskatchewan River and Minnedosa Lake, combining to make our community an oasis on the Canadian prairie. Others say it’s the people, their sense of community, partnership and determination. A combination that lets us “create our own destiny” and quickly creates bonds that can last a lifetime. We say its both.