Minnedosa offers a wide range of attractions, services and facilities. A thriving business community offers a variety of services for any growing community. As a regional service centre for more than 9,000 people, we have the services and amenities that include a thriving business sector with a Chamber of Commerce that boasts in excess of 100 members.

The economic base of the Minnedosa region is a healthy mix

  • regional service centre staples
  • tourism-related activities representative of a growing tourism destination area
  • agriculture-related services and value-added activities
  • a unique presence of new-economy companies that are national and international exporters

Main Street Minnedosa

In recent years, a partnership between the Chamber of Commerce, Business Improvement Committee, and numerous service groups and organizations has been formed to create a Heritage theme for our historic Main Street. Minnedosa in general, and Main Street in particular has a uniquely-large concentration of century-old buildings that create a special “sense of place.”

There are numerous enhancements and transformations that have taken place on Main Street that are focused on emphasizing the heritage of our community, telling residents and visitors about the local history (people, places and events) and creating a pedestrian-friendly atmosphere on Main Street.

New Economy

The businesses that have chosen to set up operations in our area have done so for a number of reasons:

  • Its unique valley setting
  • Its location at two major highways
  • Its proximity (only 30 minutes away) from Manitoba’s major growth centre – Brandon
  • The quiet and quaintness of a small town
  • The recreational opportunities in and around our community (lake, campground, 18 hole golf course)
  • Our proximity (30 minutes away) to Riding Mountain National Park
  • The friendly people

Many of these businesses export their products and services around the region and, indeed, around the globe. Our modern telecommunications infrastructure enables these businesses to “do business anywhere, at any time.” At the same time, they are able to enjoy a quality of life that is unparalleled. They can “live to work, not the other way around” and can spend more time with the things that matter most to them: their friends and family.