A Healthy Community

Our community has been working closely as a partner with the Prairie Mountain Regional Health Authority to support and strengthen the “critical-mass” of health care services in our community. We have a number of distinct advantages that bode well for the continued growth and strengthening of our role as a regional centre for health care delivery. We have 6 full-time physicians practicing medicine in our community. We also have an optometrist, chiropractor, dentist, physiotherapist, reflexologist and massage therapists. Our hospital was constructed in 1991 and has 27 acute care beds.

Residents from around the region have chosen to relocate to Minnedosa because of our health-care services and the continuum of housing options (from life-lease to assisted living to personal care home) that are available to them right here in Minnedosa. Healthy living and health prevention are of foremost thought for many of our community residents.

We have a well-developed and constantly-evolving walking path system that provides the opportunity for residents and visitors alike to get exercise and fresh-air on their own time at their own pace. In addition, we have a fitness centre for the times you prefer to be indoors.