Garbage & Recycling

The Evergreen Waste Facility is located in the R.M. of Odanah, six miles east and three miles south of the town of Minnedosa. There is no grabage/recycling pick-up in the municipality, all residents must haul their waste/recycling to the facility or hire a local hauler.


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GPS Coordinates:  N50° 10.884' W99° 41.118'

Hours of Operation:

Monday to Friday 8:00 am to 4:00 pm

Saturday 8:00 am to 3:00 pm

Closed December 25, 2010 and January 1, 2011.

**All Loads Must Be Tarped**


The facility accepts all household material, large items (fridge, stoves), building material, pesticide containers, tires, oil filters, metal, grass, branches and of course RECYCLING!
For more information, please contact the site at 867-7161.

Recycling is very much encouraged as the R.M. pays on a per tonne basis for garbage only, not recycling, therefore keeping taxes down. (Please separate your recycling from your waste prior to delivery to the facility).

Accepted Recycling

PAPER: All newsprint, magazines, flyers, writing paper, post-it notes, loose leaf paper, art & craft paper, cards, file folders, coupons, kleenex boxes, kraft dinner boxes, paper towel/toilet paper rolls, juice boxes, envelopes, catalogs, paper egg cartons, phone books, calendars, books (hard & soft covers), paper bags, cardboard boxes, and cereal boxes. (No dirty pizza boxes or other contaminated products).

PLASTIC: Pop/water/juice bottles, milk jugs, margarine tubs & lids, ice cream pails, shampoo bottles, peanut butter jars, lotion/mouthwash bottles, dog food bags, salad dressing bottles, bread bags, asprin bottles, film canisters, ketchup/mustard bottles, yogurt cups, and all other containers containing this symbol. (Rinsed - lids removed).

GLASS: Spaghetti sauce jars, pickle jars, cheese whiz jars and all colors of bottles and jars. (NO LIGHT BULBS PLEASE!)

ALUMINUM/TIN: Pop, soup and coffee cans. (Rinsed – labels are allowed)

COMMON ITEMS YOU CAN'T RECYCLE: Plastic bags, cellophane, household hazardous waste (bleach containers, etc.), aluminum foil, foil pie plates, foam egg cartons, foam meat trays, light bulbs, drinking glasses, christmas wrapping paper.

History of the Site

After a great deal of planning and work the Evergreen Environmental Technologies Waste Facility opened May 17, 2004.

When local facilities were nearing their waste capasity, eight surrounding towns/municipalities partnered together to provide a long term solution to their problem. The Municipalities of Odanah, Minto, Langford, Elton, North Cypress and Towns of Minnedosa, Neepawa, and Carberry constructed an environmentally responsible regional waste disposal facility and provided a long term solution to the issue of waste management.

The facility uses waste compaction technology and will have a capacity of 700,000 tonnes, providing for 100 years of waste disposal for the region at current rates. The facility also contains a recycling collection area, compost facility, pesticide container depot, and tire and scrap metal areas. There is no burning at the site and no disposal of livestock, hazardous waste, or liquid waste.